We're still open!

We would like to assure all clients and community members that Meals On Wheels St Lucia has every intention of remaining open, and continuing to provide our service to our clients.

At this stage, we are developing contingency measures, and systems, to allow for our continued deliveries throughout the coming months.

We will be doing everything in our power to reduce the risk of infection for clients, volunteers, and staff.

This means that for the foreseeable future, we will no longer be accepting volunteer assistance in the kitchen. While this will increase the strain on staff, it will help manage the risk of infection to staff and contamination of food. While we ensure the highest standards of food safety, in this time we are seeking to be extra cautious. 

Further, volunteer delivery drivers will be ensuring they keep a safe distance while conducting deliveries, and will be limiting the time spent with clients. Should any client appear to be displaying symptoms,  we will be contacting the clients family or GP, to ensure they are able to access the healthcare system. 

We will be updating this page with any information regarding future changes to the services, however even in the situation we are forced to close for a period of time, we have sufficient frozen stock to ensure all our clients are fed.

If you or a loved one is self-isolating, or wishing to avoid shopping, please dont hesitate to contact us regarding access to meals.

Please dont hesitate to contact us:

management@stluciamow.com.au or on 3870 1670.

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