Home Care Packages

St Lucia Meals On Wheels is able to provide meals to clients funded through Home Care Packages (HCP). The current price for HCP clients is $16+GST. This price is higher than our CHSP subsidised meals, as meals paid for through a HCP cannot be subsidised by another program even if the client would normally be able to access this program. 

Many HCP Providers require clients to co-contribute the 'ingredient cost' of the meals, which is approximately $4.50. This $4.50 is deducted from the total cost, and doesn't attract GST.

For more information on purchasing a meal through your home care package, please contact your provider directly or contact us directly on 3870 1670.


Currently, Meals On Wheels St Lucia is able to provide meals to NDIS participants under two of the management pathways - Self Managed and Plan Managed. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide meals to Agency Managed clients, as the NDIS is yet to provide sufficient information on the associated Audit costs.

Self Managed: Self managed NDIS participants are able to claim the provision of meals from their NDIS funds.


Meal Pack Costs:

NDIS Contribution:  


Plan Managed: Participants under this management option are able to arrange the provision of meals through an intermediary provider. Some Plan Managers have been of the mistaken opinion that Meals On Wheels cannot be accessed through the NDIS, however we can confirm that this is incorrect, and Meals On Wheels is able to provide meals to any participant who requests it. For more information or to arrange Meals On Wheels please contact your Plan Manager.



*Due to government regulation, clients must co-contribute to the fee an amount equal to the 'ingredient cost' component of the meal. The $11.50 paid for by the NDIS goes towards covering labour and capital expenses.